“Sunrise and High Rise” wall tablet [second]


“Sunrise and High Rise” (2022)

Black ceramic with blackwood frame.

28.5cm H x 16.5cm W x 5.5cm D

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SECOND. This piece is a second and has been priced accordingly. There are fine cracks through the undulating strip on the left – usually I don’t mind a few cracks here and there as it speaks to the nature of ceramics, however I felt like these distract a little from the main composition. So hence, it’s a second in my eyes, but perhaps a first in yours!

This series of framed wall tablets explores architectural materiality and composition, inspired by the ancient clay tablets that were used to write stories, poetry and fables, and even record building plans.

In my series, the clay is left unglazed in order to emphasise the textures and graphic shapes, as well as reference the unfired nature of the ancient clay tablets. Building materials – tiles, wall panels and hardware – are used to create the textures, bringing an added layer of architectural language to the pieces. The shapes – an assemblage of quadrants, curves and arcs – can be read as site plans, as elevations, or as a collection of present-day materials used by architects and designers. These modern-day artefacts record architectural messages – messages of scale and balance, texture and shape, composition and form – intended to be preserved forever.